My work focuses on exploring the cyclical, self-renewing and metaphorical qualities of flora and bodily forms through paint, print, textiles and graphic manipulation. I consider the formalization of flora, its expansive visual language and symbolism.  Depicting the organic from an immersive, consuming perspective has prompted an intuitive painting style whereby I explore the lucidity, viscosity and free-flowing characteristics of oils. I emphasize a less assertive, more malleable use of line and pictorial construction in amongst definitive impressions. Employing processes of removal, soak staining, layering and stencilling accentuate paints visceral, musical and immersive qualities.


My practice identifies a connection and parallel between both the exploitation and degradation of the natural world and the subordination and oppression of women. Combining botanical imagery, micrographic and life-sized, with feminine bodily references/functions conveys works soft, organic and sensual in nature. Employing vibrant, vivid tones to depict stylized evocations of botanical forms allows the organic to take on an urbanised, synthetic, artificial physicality and perspective. This consideration of natural versus unnatural sheds light on the anthropogenic impact humans have on nature; commercialising and characterising the works as fantastical and otherworldly.