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​Emily Wenman is a contemporary artist working and living in London.  Emily paints otherworldly, introspective scenes filtered and processed through memory and imagination. Combining abstract elements with ordinary subject matter; Emily’s works hover between a dreamlike state and a residual sense of Realism and figuration. Painting the subtleties of human experience, Emily creates a subdued drama out of commonplace subjects. Interested in the power of silent spaces and the banality of the Everyday, Emily’s paintings are layered with a poetic meaning and saturated with suggestion. Her estranged figures are often isolated and somewhat obscured from the viewer. There is a subtle yet evident disconnect between the audience and the actuality of Emily’s subjects that is uncanny and alluring.   


Utilising processes of removal, soak staining, layering and stencilling, the foundations of Emily’s works embrace a sense of chance and spontaneity. Interested in Freud and the power of the subconscious mind, Emily’s Abstract Expressionist painting technique reflects an expression of the subconscious: ‘Often the most important marks are formed unconsciously and are of little importance to the conscious intellect’. Employing vivid hues, her paintings exhibit an intensity and hyperactivity of colour, energy and dynamism to the painted surface.

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